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Creating the Difference

Case 1

Relevant History

· She was put on painkillers for continuous fever and back pain which didn't give any relief

·  Noticing the butterfly rash on her face, Dr Krishnam Raju at Yashoda hospital recommended further investigations for SLE which confirmed that she had SLE; her Anti Nuclear Antibodies were positive, she was also losing protein in her urine

· She was put on steroids (Prednesolone 90mg/day) and HCQS. The dose was gradually reduced to 20mg over a period of 2 years

·  ESR had been high - more than 70mm/hr for 7years


· The medicinal odor of her sweat reduced

· She was able to do her work without any difficulty without steroids.

· Pain reduced (as told by her)

· Appetite improved

· Morning stiffness reduced

Post Treatment

· After 20 days of treatment, ESR came to be 28 mm without steroids. 

· She could do normal daily activities at the time of discharge without steroids.

Case 2

Relevant History

· Severe body pains for 7 yrs with continuous snapping of joints

· Frequent attacks of cold (Montelukast used very often)

· Dry mouth and dry eyes (continuous use of eye lubricant Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium drops)

· Diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis; Anti CCP mildly positive; hs-CRP positive

· Severe vitamin D deficiency, did not respond to medication


· Nature cure diet for detoxification, regular walking, yoga, breathing exercises, massage

· She had less pains

· The hs-CRP (marker of the inflammation in the body) had come down to normal

· She was able to walk without any discomfort for about 10 kilometers

· There was decrease in the severity of dry eyes and dry mouth

Post Treatment

· The vitamin D deficient state had come to near sufficient state

· Decrease in anti-CCP titers, decrease in pains even in winters

· 80-90% decreased in severity of dry eyes (decrease in usage of eye lubricant)

Case 3

Relevant History

· Known case of SLE for 6 months

· Came with +3 proteinuria (severe loss of protein in urine

· Butterfly rash on cheeks

· Puffiness of face (facial edema)

· Edema of lower limbs

· Joint pains and body stiffness

She was on Steroids, Mycophenolate Mofetil, HCQS at the time of admission


· Nature-cure diet, yoga, mud therapy, massage, hydrotherapyetc

· Protein in urine – NIL

· Edema of face and lower limbs subsided

· joint pains subsided and rash disappeared

· HCQS completely stopped, dosage of Steroid and MMF reduced

Post Treatment

After one year:

· Further decrease in the dose of steroids (minimal dose for maintenance)

· Leading a normal life like any individual without SLE symptoms

Case 4

Relevant History

• High Fever, joints painful and stiff

• Headache, backache and other body aches along with stiffness.


• Loose motion and vomiting/ or no peristalsis


• Locked jaw, pain in throat on swallowing


• Swollen lymph nodes


• Hypertension 


· Underwent long fruit juice fasting, nature cure diet, yoga, regular walking, counseling, massage, steam bath, hydrotherapy, magneto therapy, sun and air baths, and mud therapy

· Stiffness and joint pains less; could touch her toes

· Liver function normal and no hypertension. 

· Better throat, Free urination, no edema

· Better sleep

Post Treatment

• She was able to do asanas like halasana, chakrasana, sarvangasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, matsyasana etc


· ALL the SERUM MARKERS have remained NEGATIVE

· She continues to do regular walking, yoga and meditation

Case 5

Relevant History

· She was diagnosed with SLE after a short duration of fever with rash on face and intractable joint pains. She took medication (steroids) for SLE for 11 months. Then she came to SLNS Nature Cure Hospital for further follow up.


· Nature- cure diet, treatments to relieve her from symptoms like joint pains, rash, anemia, other signs of inflammation, and the disease itself, including yoga, mud packs, steam bath and massage etc

· Joint pains reduced completely and Butterfly rash disappeared

· Muscle strength improved tremendously

· Anemia got corrected

· She became active (after having been very lethargic during the phase of SLE symptoms)

Post Treatment

· She became COMPLETELY FREE from SLE

· She has had NO RELAPSE of SYMPTOMS or DISEASE till date

· All MARKERS for SLE have remained NEGATIVE

· From a kid (when she joined the hospital) she has grown into an ENERGETIC ADULT, leading a NORMAL LIFE like anyone else of her age

· She is NOW into SPORTS! Plays VOLLEY BALL and KHOKHO

Case 6

Relevant History

· Known case of SLE for one year

· Came with continuous fever

· Rash on face and neck

· Joint pains, not relieved with any medication

· Lethargic, with muscular weakness


· Nature cure diet, yoga, regular walks and relevant nature cure therapies

· Rash disappeared completely

· Joint pains subsided

· Fever came down

· Energy levels increased tremendously

Post Treatment

After 2 years:

· She is SYMPTOM FREE till date

· Continues to follow instructions given at the time of discharge

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