Hospital Waiting Room

Please maintain


Talking loudly in the

Yoga Hall, especially

during rest hours, 11AM – 2PM, and 8PM- after Yoga in the morning, is prohibited.

Kindly co-operate.

Rules for hospital patients

1. All individuals interested in nature cure, emotional and mental growth, and spiritual growth are welcome. 2. At the time of admission, patients are made to understand the mode of treatment, restrictions, healing crisis, possible outcomes, etc, and they agree to take treatment out of their own free will. 3. During your stay here, the diet plays a major role in healing; the diet itself is medicine. The hospital provides you with total diet, and will not be responsible for the negative results if restricted food items from outside are eaten. Please do not keep any food items with you during your stay here as they are likely to tempt you and spoil the results. 4. At the time of admission, all patients have to deposit an amount equivalent to the charges for one month/or the total period if it is less than a month. 5. While being here, please do not disturb any plants or pluck any flowers, fruits, or leaves. 6. Timings for treatments, diets, walk, yoga, and sleep have to be followed strictly. 7. Once admitted patients will not be allowed to go home or out of the hospital except for a walk. 8. Please do not disturb other patients by talking loudly or playing loud music; use headphones/earphones. 9. The patients are expected to reach the treatment section at the appropriate time and wait for their turn. It is difficult to call patients from their rooms. 10. It is advisable for male patients not to go into the female ward and vice versa. 11. If you need to discuss anything or have any questions please write them on a slip and hand them over to the doctor during the interaction hour. 12. All patients are required to return the library books before they leave. If the books are not returned in the original condition, they will be liable to pay an amount double the price of the book. 13. Please do not keep any valuables or big cash in the open in your room. The hospital will not be responsible for the loss of any such items. 14. As all are aware, there is a shortage of water everywhere on earth. Please use water and electricity economically; do not leave the taps on while you brush your teeth or apply soap on your body; switch off all electrical appliances before leaving the room. 15. The hospital has the right to discontinue treatment for any individual who refuses to follow the rules and regulations even after a warning. The advance money will not be refunded in such cases. 16. Please keep the place neat and clean. Do not throw anything outside the dustbins. 17. Please do not touch any equipment unnecessarily. 18. Non-vegetarian food items, smoking, and alcohol, etc are strictly prohibited.